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The woods are lovely, dark and deep

Your subtleties. They strangle me

Jo chan
28 November 1987
I'm Jo chan. Majoring in Communications and New Media in National University of Singapore. Hoping that by the time I graduate my hair will be be healthy and BLACK. Im just an ordinary person, trying to find my way around in this dim lit world. I stumble. I fall. But, I am trying to get up and walk on.

Quote stuck on my head: Darkness is relative. -Jodi Picoult, My sister's keeper

U are warned: I ramble. I whine.

Most of my entries are customised friend locked.

Things I desire for now
-go back to Japan
-trip to Kyoto
-trip to Europe
-more clothes
-youth. I still wanna remain a teenager
-a break from studying
-writing skills that leave the reader intrigued
-a happy life
-less tears
-more laughs that are real